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At Little Glory we specialise in propagating and supplying succulent plants.

Our interest in these plants arose from our desire to extend the palette of colour, form and texture in our garden, while using plants of similar drought-tolerance to the native and Mediterranean species that seemed to do well in our part of South Australia.

Quickly exhausting the local and regional possibilities, we started looking further afield, including interstate. In order to provide more material for our expanding garden, we began to propagate from established plants.

Eventually as surplus became available we held occasional sales. The level of interest encouraged us to establish a boutique nursery concentrating on waterwise plants, particularly succulents.

We only propagate material that has been successfully trialled in our garden, meaning plants tolerant of dry summers, alkaline soils and moderate frosts.

The display garden makes it easy for visitors to view established plants and imagine how they will look in their own planting schemes.

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