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BJ Moore

B.J Moore studied at the North Adelaide School of Art in the 1980s, subsequently co-founding and working in a number of group studios in Adelaide, Sydney, the Southern Tablelands and Northern NSW. B. J. has work in private collections in New South Wales and South Australia, and has been selected for the Fleurieu Biennale.

The move from sub-tropical Northern New South Wales to South Australia greatly impacted the theme on both sides of the studio walls.

For B.J. the garden, rural surrounds and the region provide a wealth of visual material.

…In recent years my focus has switched toward examination and depiction of the landscape, after earlier explorations in abstract expressionism, calligraphic mark-making and figurative work in a range of styles and media. I am particularly interested in the challenge of capturing the distinctive form and foliage of eucalypts, as well as the interface between nature, agriculture and built heritage…